Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Take Total Responsibility For Your Life

Take Total Responsibility For Your Life

Like just about everyone I have “blamed” people, places and events for how certain things turned out in my life. It was my parents fault I was like X, it is my friend’s fault that X happened to me, my teachers’ fault that my grades weren’t better because they didn’t care. I could go on and on. Then a number of years ago, I came across the movie, “The Secret” and later went onto study NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

One of the first things I remembered from my training was the idea that we CREATE our life. This was a big awakening for me. Although a little difficult to digest at first, I realised that this resonated as truth with me and from that point forward I took on the belief that I did create my own reality and therefore I needed to take full responsibility for my life. It was from this point forward that I felt more in control of my life and also started the process of me really beginning to design and create my own reality.

Many of us have had experiences whereby we blame our parents or parent figure for something in our lives. Yes, your parents may not have been perfect. However, I believe they were doing the best they could whatever resources they had and given the circumstances they were in. My question to you is, How old are you? Are you over 18, 21, 25? Do you consider yourself to be an adult? If you are still blaming your parents / family for something that is affecting your life…maybe it is time to stop Maybe it is time now to choose to take TOTAL responsibility for your own life, your actions and the results you get.

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