Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Change Your Beliefs

Change Your Beliefs

Change Your Beliefs

I really love pavlova 😊 Alongside chocolate fudge cake, it is in my top two favourite desserts. Any time I go out to eat out that is my go-to dessert, especially if I go out with my mum, as this is in the top two of her favourite desserts too. Over the years I have eaten many slices of pavlova, however ask me to bake one…absolutely not…why?…because they are the hardest thing to bake…so I believed.

We all have beliefs, many of which we learn, develop and keep throughout our lives. Most of which we have learned from our parents, our peers, our political, religious and educational institutions, etc etc.
What is a belief? It is simply a thought that we keep thinking
Beliefs are often based around the idea that something is right or wrong, something is good or bad, something is the right way or the wrong way, something is easy or difficult.
What do you believe?
Why do you believe what you believe?
Do you actually know what you believe?
Are you even aware of your beliefs?
What are your beliefs about yourself, money, work, family, relationships, pavlova? 😉.

When I trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I was asked to consider some of my “limiting” beliefs. A limiting belief is something that we believe that limits us or our lives in some way. I felt that my beliefs about pavlovas was limiting me because I really wanted to be able to bake my own at any time. So I made a decision that I was going to start thinking a thought that said, “pavlovas are easy to bake”. I came home from my training, baked my first pavlova and have continued to bake them ever since. (They basically consist of eggs and sugar!!) They were so easy to bake. If this is a limiting belief about baking a dessert, I asked myself what do I believe about things that really matter in life? Maybe it is time to consider what beliefs are holding YOU back from living YOUR best life and change them.

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