Busting A Myth & A ‘Vulnerable’ Moment

I believe there is a myth out there that holistic practitioners, mindset coaches, mentors etc and all in the “personal development” field are always positive and never have a bad day.

I have even heard one previous, very well-known personality, in the field of personal and spiritual development say that they gave it all up…because they felt they always had to be positive and happy and in the end they felt they were living a total lie…and so many things they had believed and taught for so long… was a sham.


Well, people are allowed to change their minds and careers and do whatever is right for them…but I was flabbergasted that this person had felt like this throughout their career and that they were holding themselves up to such a standard. Didn’t they know what it meant to be human.

You see, I have never thought this myself. Yes, when you want to help and teach people, there is a level of personal growth and development, knowledge and awareness, and yes….skills and techniques that you need to be proficient in to really help others. But people seem to mix this up with this idea of ‘perfection’. Well I have news for you….nobody is perfect.. and what does being perfect even mean really.

Over the last 2 days I have felt emotions arising within myself. Out of seemingly nowhere.. a few small eruptions of anger, highly irritated and then some more anger. Today I had a few moments of the same…alongside feelings of being Low, not worthy, not good enough…. Asking myself, What am I doing, Whats the point of me doing anything I do, Am I really helping anyone?

You see, I have been working on myself….FOR YEARS!!!!!!

And I am STILL an ongoing work in progress.

Am I perfect?

Absolutely not.

Have I made changes in my life, my mindset over the years?

Absolutely YES

Have I helped people?

Absolutely YES

So why do these thoughts come and these feelings?

There are many reasons.

What I would say is..

The difference between me as I am now, with all the skills, knowledge and life experiences, personal growth and awareness I have….

And the person I used to be…many years ago…that is pretty much unrecognizable…

Is the fact that I am AWARE of whats happening,

I KNOW that is is temporary.

I KNOW these thoughts and feelings are not permanent…just transient thoughts like the clouds in the sky.

I have the knowledge, skills and awareness to do what I need to do to change my thoughts and to feel better.

This starts with acknowledging how I feel and OWNING it.

Often these things happen before moments of change, sometimes when there is stress and worry, times when things aren’t going exactly as I want them to in any given moment…and sometimes…. They are NOT EVEN MINE…YES…

Read that again 🙂

I only realised late in the day, that today marked the anniversary of us shutting down last March.

(I dont watch the news)

One of the things I have learned over the years is that I am sensitive to ENERGY.

What does that mean?

It means that I can often sense things about people and situations without knowing how or why.

It means I can think something, feel something…

and what Im thinking and feeling may NOT even BELONG to ME.

I often pick up on the energy of people I am around,

crowds in shops or public spaces and also the general energy that seems to be potent, on any given day.

As you can imagine this is great when the energy is positive and uplifting and energised… however the collective energy I feel can also be the opposite… low mood, frustration, anger, fear etc.

Its been a strange year …some people have actually enjoyed it …some have had their worst year ever and others fall anywhere in between.

Yesterday and today I sensed I was picking up on some of …what I would call… the Collective Energy “out there” 😊

Luckily my skills, awareness and experience means I can process all that I am thinking and feeling and then do what I need to do to let it go.

This included

1. Being aware of what I was feeling and thinking

2. Acknowledging those thoughts and feelings…. Simply stating…I am feeling angry… and of course speaking sarcastically to the 2 drivers …who…well…lets just say…were not my favourite people today LoL.

3. I walked outside and gazed at the sky and the magical sunset and basked in mother nature.

4 Sat in silence for a little while and then meditated.

5. Went back outside to gaze at nature and revel in the colours and beauty of he setting sun

These small, simple steps brought me back to myself, the low mood and negative thinking simply disappeared. I got an inspired idea on something I was working on regarding my business and came out of my meditation feeling positive, motivated and energised.

The lesson: It doesn’t matter who you are or how successful in any given area of life.

You are human. You are allowed to feel what you feel and think what you think, in fact you MUST do this in order to process whatever is going on with you and to let these moments pass.

Next time you are feeling low, negative or filled with self doubt, maybe follow ALL or even one of these steps.

And just In case you need to hear this

I believe in you

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