Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Practice Random Acts Of Kindness

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

It is good to feel good 😊 have learned over the years that it feels GREAT to do something good for someone else. When I lived in Florida, many years ago, I would often drive on roads that required you to pay a toll. I had read about the idea of paying the toll fee for the car behind you as a small act of goodwill. I loved doing this. I got a buzz out of doing something good and even more joy when the car I had paid for would overtake me and 4 or 5 amazed faces would be staring at me in awe as to why I would have done such a thing.

Ever had dreams of changing the world? Pay a toll, add an extra chicken nugget in their take out box, top up their parking metre. One small act can make a person’s day. Practice random acts of kindness and see how amazing it makes you feel. The better we feel , the more positive and joyful we are the higher out energy vibrates . The higher our vibration the more positive, happy joyful things we attract into our life.

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