Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Clear Out Your “Negative” Subconscious Emotions

Clear Out Your “Negative” Subconscious Emotions

I want to start off by saying I actually don’t like to discuss emotions as necessarily being “positive” or “negative” per say. I hear you gasp…but surely fear, is negative. Well, is it a good thing to feel a little fear when walking down a dark alley at night. alone? Does a little bit of fear maybe give you a heightened sense of alertness in order to keep you safe? My belief about emotions is that they simply are energy in motion ( E-Motion) and each of them has a purpose and is trying to tell us something.

So with that said 😊 what I do believe is that many of us do go through experiences which can have a significant emotional impact on us. I myself have certainly experienced fear, guilt, shame, rejection and worthlessness to name a few. Any of these sound familiar?

Simply put, these “negative” emotions, along with the consequent trauma stored in the body may be more commonly recognised as “emotional baggage”. This emotional baggage is often very subconscious (ie we are not aware of it on a conscious level) and can be a major factor in holding us back from being our true, authentic self and stop us from taking action on things that are important to us.

Consider a person who has been brought up in an environment or experienced an event whereby they felt worthless, inadequate, not good enough etc. These emotions can continue to be stored inside the body energetically. If not released they may be brought into adulthood and kept throughout their life. Maybe they absolutely believe that they can have a huge salary, truly be a millionaire, marry the love of their life, however on a subconscious level, the “negative” feelings of not being good enough or worthy can unknowingly sabotage their ability to ever attract these very things.

If there is something in your life that you really want to do, have or be and yet you are finding it impossible to achieve, bring your awareness to any experiences or negative emotions that may be sabotaging you on a subconscious level.

If need be, find a therapist, treatment, tools or techniques that can help you clear it. This will raise your vibration to a higher / more positive one and consequently improve your ability to attract what you want.

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